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What we lived

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Let's get back to the cruise, where after dinner there was time for dancing, then some people showed their dancing skills, it was fun time!, some toasted other ones videoed or took selfies with their new friends. Definitely an unique atmosphere.

Some companies have already attended several years ago and they have chosen MarketPlace of The Americas as an important tool to do business. For whom it was their first time, they were surprised, calling it something different and, as in a World Cup, waiting for the next edition, especially because it will be the 10thedition; to do business and make friends.

The yacht was approached the dock and many people started to feel nostalgia due to the time was over, time that in addition to expand possibilities and opportunity, built friendships. That’s why Marketplace of the Americas is different, because it offers the opportunity not only to do business, but also to strengthen relationships among nations, among companies, among people.

The next day, while checkout, with big baggage and serenity in their face because they accomplished successfully their job, the ones who met there said goodbye, hoping to see each other next year. Other ones sought someone special to say the last time hello and wish them luck. MarketPlace of the Americas is more than doing business, it’s about creating bonds that will last and generate unforgettable emotions.  Are you going to miss this?