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What we lived

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At the next day, faces became familiar. In the restaurant, during breakfast people greeted and shared the last cup of coffee before starting the meetings. The match was coming, “for soccer fans”, It could be said that Marketplace is something like the World Cup: It is expected for long time, everyone wants to be there, the most long wait are the last minutes before the first sound, and… the referee’s whistle sounded! (In this case the sound was a "booong") and the match got started.

It’s not a fair, it's an event. Manufacturers have their booths, it is labeled with number and name of the Company, no people walking aimlessly, no one standing in line to get an interview.  Everything is organized with a schedule so that each buyer (potential client) goes to each vendor's booth to be interviewed by the exporter.

Time flies… Buyers were sat in front of some export company and suddenly they heard the speakers with different sounds which indicated the cycle of the meetings, one meeting ended … another began again. It’s an interesting atmosphere, with different ways of expressing themselves, with outgoing people and other, somewhat reserved, different languages and different accents, but with a single idea, do business!

The vendor’s speech prevailed, who worked hard to explain and highlight the characteristics and benefits of their products, on the other hand, buyers asked questions regarding. Businessman went, businessman came with a pre- scheduled meetings agenda that allowed that everything happens positively.