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What we lived

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After two very busy days, participants boarded the cruise. Their faces reflected serenity because of the satisfaction of an accomplished duty. Once on board people were talking in a comfortable way while shared a drink, but not regarding business, regarding their daily routine out of the office. That's the difference, Marketplace of Americas has also provided, friendship & bonds, among people who already had something in common and due to they live in different countries the relationship did not exist.

The night weather was warm, enough to not get overheated in the bay surrounded by fancy buildings, and not to get cold with the sea breeze which was accentuated with the boat speed. Then, the food was ready, dinner on board, people sat next to their new friends "How many children do you have?", "Tomorrow we will do shopping. Who's coming with us?" was said. Suddenly the business relationships atmosphere turned into full camaraderie

Participants were coming two days before the event, some of them greeted warmly in the reception area since they’ve already met each other, precisely in this unique environment they already created long time ago.

All started on Monday at the “Registration Point "next to the hotel front desk. MarketPlace Staff gave all the working material to the companies. Then, manufacturers opened their samples boxes and with their creative side decorated their booths in the most striking way to display their products, it was awesome! The MarketPlace ballroom, dressed with a predominant red color, was fulfilling life to the environment for productive business meetings

The welcome time was a jazz night. With live music outdoor, attendees drank some shots and had dinner. The staff introduction meant cutting the ribbon (symbolically) so the 9th edition of The Americas Marketplace was opened.