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MarketPlace 12th edition

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Closing business
During the 12th edition of MarketPlace (held in Miami, Fl. from November 13th to 16th), many business meetings among the companies coming from different points of Latin America and manufacturers from all over the world were carried out. Feedback among participants expressed satisfaction at the end of the productive business days, held at the facilities of the MACC (Miami Airport Convention Center).

Usually, most of the deals are closed 3 or 4 months after the event, sales (or purchases according to the point of view) are settled after negotiations that are completed with mutual benefit agreements. However, in this occasion, the alliances’ promptness was manifested during the same event days, enclosed in a spontaneous and camaraderie environment. 

The strategically limited attendance of 60 companies, allows a close relationship that facilitates the business flow among executives from different origin. Different styles, cultures and customs are interacted with the common participants’ interest: Do business and closing long-lasting agreements. The changing international market scenario, foster this event format, since it enables the long-term business relationships building and a stable and profitable business trend.