MarketPlace 10th edition

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Manuel Mexia / International Business Development Manager / Bi-silque

"I would like to thanks MarketPlace and El Papel team for the kind welcome upon my attendance at Marketplace Americas 2015.
Our participation at this year’s edition was very positive, being the 2nd consecutive year as main sponsor, we had the chance to repeat the successful participation of the previous edition, that allowed us to achieve some good business relationships in several different South American markets.
All the meetings held during the event were very promising for future business development in the region, we have already some good business proposals from some of the companies that we met, so globally speaking we can say that this model of pre-scheduled meetings with the buyers is in fact very effective and allows that us as exhibitors/vendors can reach all and each one of the invited buyers.
In my opinion the event was very well organized, and the fact that all the “social” moments and meals are shared between vendors and buyers, gives much more strength to the business relationship and helps create bonds that go beyond the business formal relationship.
So we expect to have a very positive feedback from this year edition, continuing the growth trend in the South American market driven by our presence at Marketplace Americas, and for sure that we will be present in next year’s edition".

Giselle Hipólito / Project Manager / Imprint Brasil

"Market Place is a business oriented trade show, extremely professional and well organized.
The buyers selection and profile is very well done and the quality of the meetings meets vendors expectations.
It really promotes international business and relations. 
Imprint Brasil main goal is to promote Brazilian companies and its products globally.
I would like to thank MarketPlace team for all the effort and for being such a strong partner.
Wishing a wonderful 2016 we really appreciate you putting together such a great trade show.
* Imprint Brasil participates of MARKETPLACE since 2013, first as Graphia Alliance and since 2015 as IMPRINT BRASIL".

Luis Felipe González / MKT & Sales Manager / Kores

"There are many reasons that have led KORES to participate in the MarketPlace Miami in recent years, but in my personal opinion the main reason for our presence in this annual event is to have the great opportunity to meet in one place with multiple buyers from many companies throughout America and have the assurance that each of them have an appointment scheduled at our booth instead of investing effort, time and resources to visit each of them in their respective countries.
The Marketplace is the perfect space to build relationships and do business under a professional work environment and every minute a new opportunity arises to exchange ideas with a potential new client that we were looking for.
KORES hopes to continue with this valuable business tool for years to come, thank you very much to the Marketplace and all his valuable team for helping us position ourselves as one of the most important brands in the Americas".

Martín Guridi / Operations Director / Productos Dietrix

"We had the opportunity to participate in the 10th edition of MarketPlace Latin America, for the third time. We always liked this format very much; the time between customers and suppliers allows us to explore jointly business opportunities.
This time the call was wide, allowing us to know customers from different parts of America. We are confident that the relations built will be very productive in short time.
We are very grateful to the organizers for providing a pleasant living environment".

Rohit Saini / AGM - International Bussines / Luxor International

"We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the leaders Ms. María Cristina & Ricardo along with the entire team including 
You, Carmen, Juileta, Daniel & Mauricio for organizing such a wonderful event. You all had been a great help in terms of organization and extending all possible support. 
We are impressed with the content provided and the short span in which such a productive business environment is created which Is further supported by Gala evening to further give the opportunity to know the buyers and set a reputation. 
During the show we met some of the existing customers along with the new enquires. In terms of the new enquiry’s / customers it will be too early to define a conversion value as the discussions will be followed up by pricing, samples & finalisation of the business. 
Thanks again and appreciate your efforts".

Yk Jung / Export manager / Dong-A Pencil Co. / Dong-A Teaching materials Co.

"It has been a pleasure to participate MarketPlace with you and your tem on implementation of our Business promotion. Your experience and customer information was very helpful. Your systematic process makes it easy to promote our business and allow us to concentrate on customer meeting. We appreciate that you listened to our concerns and desire of what we want to do during Marketplace.
We highly recommend your service to business owners.
Thanks to your concern, we had valuable time in MarketPlace and also had great time in Miami. On behalf of our company I would like to thank you for your support. 
We look forward to participate in the MarketPlace again and trust that this close relationship will continue into the future.
Very truly yours".

Carlos E Murguia / Director Export Sales / ACCO Brands USA

"I am very pleased to have a group of people promoting negotiations vertically between Latin American countries, including suppliers from other regions. The dynamic between "Buyer" - "Supplier" is a dynamic that allows us in 30 minutes to raise our business skills, in order to shake our hands at the end of it.
As a leader company in the categories of office and school products, is an honor to participate as suppliers in this event. The warm hospitality of the people and the sense of urgency to resolve any situation that arises, makes one feel at home.
Thanks to Ricardo and his great team and congratulations for these 10 years of experience".

Bernd Mazzurana / General Manager / Fellowes

"I would like to thank MarketPlace team for inviting and receiving me at the Marketplace 10th anniversary Gala. I enjoyed the evening very much and Fellowes is honored to be recognized by your organization for the support of international trade development.
With Marketplace you have built an important event to fill the OP market with new names, brands and inspiration that you can be very proud of.
Fellowes will further cooperate with Magazine El Papel and we are looking forward to continue our pleasant and constructive relationship.
For the time being we wish you and the entire El Papel / Marketplace team a great holiday season with some relaxing time for you and your families.
All the best".

Yan Coesens / Director / Accent

"First of all we would like to thank and congratulate MARKETPLACE on a very successful and enjoyable 10th edition. 
Accent Manufacturing Pty (Ltd) is a manufacturer of putty adhesives and global exporter. We approached MARKETPLACE because so far we were not able to penetrate the South American market. 
MARKETPLACE’s unique approach enabled us to have one-on-one meetings with highly competent key players in the South American stationery environment. 
We found the experience very interesting and thank the whole team of MARKETPLACE for their professional and helpful attitude. 
We would recommend MARKETPLACE to all stationery businesses that are interested in the South American market".

Danny Fonfeder / CEO / Onyx and Blue

"I would like to thank everyone at Marketplace for a very well organized and wonderful trade show.
I was very pleased to attend and meet such a large group of qualified and professional buyers and businesspeople.
On the occasion of your 10th anniversary, I congratulate all of you on the exceptional service that Magazine El Papel provides to the Latin American stationery industry.
Best wishes for another 10 years!!!".

Carlos Rettmann / Director / Confetti

"First of all I would like to thank you and the MarketPlace team for the warm reception and professional organization of the event. 
Participating in the show was an important experience to our company, since it was a very good opportunity to talk to some of our clients, and to know others, creating new prospective of business relationships. I surely intend to be present in next show".

Raquel Carter & Lizbeth Fernandez / International Sales / Alliance Rubber

The Marketplace Americas is an excellent way for companies interested in expanding their sales in Latin American market as it provides information of potential prospects in one place.

Marcelo Cordeiro / Sales Manager / DAC

- "Excellent organization".
- "Time expend with buyers, excellent."
- "Food excellent".
- "Fraternization after optimal time".

David Gallart / Export manager / Rocada

"Rocada is looking for new partners who can expand our reach and increase the market mainly in Latin America. That is why, we consider the MarketPlace Americas as a very good opportunity to achieve our objectives ... To Rocada, the contacts made are very interesting and with great potential. We realize that it is an early stage, but we are happy and convinced that we can get new and interesting partnerships. No doubt it has been a pleasure to participate in the 10th edition of the MarketPlace and hope to return in future editions. Last but not least, emphasize the great organization and the team that made it possible".

Juan David Franco Saldarriaga / Manager / Franco Arte.

"It was very rewarding and productive participate for the first time in the MarketPlace Americas ... a perfect environment to built good relations between buyers and sellers. We thank the organizing team for their kindness and excellent organization. We hope to participate in the event next year"...

Alvaro Hayek B. / General Manager / Rexplastics

"The "MarketPlace 2015 was very well organized and fully complied with each event announced. In the same way I liked it and found the format very interesting interacting in a more personal way with potential buyers staying together for two days. I thank all the staff of the MarketPlace Americas and Magazine El Papel for making us feel very comfortable the entire time of our stay, worried about every detail".

Anis ur Rehman / Sales Director / Dollar Industries

"MarketPlace Americas 10th edition was indeed the most memorable event which was well organized and managed by highly proficient and motivated staff. 
On arrival, a very warm welcome was given to us at the Double Tree Hilton, Miami hotel.
Overall arrangement is highly appreciated, especially meetings with focused and targeted big buyers from different Latin / South American countries with their complete business profiles which was very well managed within limited time span.
Our special thanks and congratulation to the management and staff for arranging a wonderful event. 
Profound regards".


Nestor Breuillet / Operation Manager / Librería y Dist. Jardín S. A. / Nicaragua

"Thanks to the MarketPlace Americas we have met different business alternatives to expand or to have different options considering the product lines we currently handle, as well as identify novelties regarding school, office, art supplies and some others. Plus, we also had the possibility to share both professional and personal experiences with the other attendees not only at business meetings but also at entertainment events held throughout the event".

Cibele Fonseca / Marketing Manager / Microservice / Brasil

"It was my first time at the MarketPlace Americas and I was very surprised, I was very impressed by the outstanding organization, commitment and the high level of the attendees. Buyers and Vendors. This event has already established itself as the most effective one, to do business and networking concerning stationery and bookselling market in Latin America".

Natalia Mojica / Manager / Gioto / Colombia

"I feel that Marketplace Americas has opened up a whole world of possibilities, I got back to Colombia with enthusiasm and interest to start new businesses, Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity they gave us to meet directly these large companies who bravely work daily to offer products with technological advances, new materials and designs. Now it's our job to study and maximize resources to introduce the products that attracted our attention in the market. We really appreciate the organizers’ performance".

Eduardo Ictech / General Manager / Acosa / Honduras

"MarketPlace Americas has exceeded my expectations. The staff assistance, from the moment we received the invitation, during the coordination and in the very event, has been awesome. A very well organized event, and the best part of all, is that we are very happy because we have met several companies, with what we hope to do long-term businesses. Congratulations to the organizing staff!"

Hernan Kimura / General Manager / Miyuki Ltda / Bolivia

"The organization was impeccable. Starting from the reception and the welcoming cocktail along with the awards show. All meetings were carried out with remarkable punctuality as well as the social events after the meetings, and finally with the Miami Bay Cruise. This was our second participation, Miyuki attended five years ago. Being familiar with the format, this time was more productive for us. We had the opportunity to meet more than 30 stationery manufacturers offering new high quality products and we hope to do business in the near future with some of these companies".

Kevin Martin / Director / BOSS / Trinidad y Tobago

"Before arriving at Marketplace I wasn’t sure what to expect, actually I thought it would be like every other event that I’ve been to – I was wrong.
Apart from being well organized, what I liked the most was that the meetings lasted 30 minutes, very fair and precise time. At other trade shows many suppliers have you waiting around to speak with them which is quite an annoying, as most purchasers generally run late and eat into your time. 
I also enjoyed our last night, and bonded well with the other suppliers, some of which are now friends, honestly by the last evening there was a family feel to it. I look forward to come back next year."

Fabio Iván Hoyos Quintero / Manager / Dist. e Imp. Antioquia / Colombia

"The event was very interesting and “we are going to have very good results from this experience for sure”. I got in contact with significant companies, 80% of these suppliers deal with products that my company use to trade, and I had no idea that these existed. Examples include suppliers from Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, India, among other countries, representing new opportunities to compete in the market in which we participate considering that our largest source of import is China. I noticed that there is a large and very competitive market outside of Asia, you just have to look around for it and this event was a great opportunity to do it".

Carlos Matute / General Manager / Jocar / México

"MarketPlace is an excellent opportunity for those who participate in the stationery business, either as buyers or sellers, since we have the chance to meet and share together during two days of well-planned work with people that share common interests. Buyers have the opportunity to approach manufacturers to assess new prospects, and vendors the opportunity to contact new potential customers with the possibility to expand their market. It is also a great opportunity to greet and share experiences with those who we already have a business relationship many years ago".

Geraldine Valle / Regional Buyer / Almacenes Siman / El Salvador

"MarketPlace was a high-performance experience to me; I got very good contacts, now I have a very interesting data base of suppliers for the business. The event was well organized and highly professional. Thank you very much for inviting me and I hope to attend next year!"

Leticia Cueto / Manager / Maita / Paraguay

"First of all, I would like to thank the staff’s hospitality and congratulate all of you for an excellent organization of the event. Secondly, I believe that the meetings’ dynamic was appropriate to have business propositions from vendors and also to share our needs as buyers. MarketPlace allowed us to find differences and similarities in our respective positions, in order to think about future agreements and businesses. Third, the cruise in Miami made us strengthen relationships with all the attendees to meet each other for trade relations in the future".

Daniel Bryt. / Managing Director / Papelería Galli / Uruguay

"MarketPlace 2015 was an excellent experience to me. It is a format that maximize time regarding business meetings with potential suppliers, with 100% attention from both parties, without any interruption. The organization was perfect and social events strengthened relationships in a relaxed environment. 
Congratulations to all the The MarketPlace team & El Papel Latin-American Magazine and we wish you success in every event you will carry out".

Gonzalo Santander / Director Merchandising / Staples Latam / Brasil -
Argentina"Attending the MarketPlace Americas - tenth edition was very productive for Staples Latam. This format let us meet a lot of different suppliers in a short time period, and also to develop relationships among potential buyers and vendors from all around the world. I had the opportunity to participate in two other last editions and the importance of such event is growing every year. The subsequent follow up of vendors is very good, making this way concrete opportunities to do business".

Kathy Lau / General Manager / Inversiones Unisa S.A.C. / Perú

"It's the first time I attend to The MarketPlace and I have to say that the organization was extraordinary. All the details, starting from the contact to invite us, the accommodation and meals. The business meetings format was super effective and productive. As we would say "straight to the point", what do you do? and what do you do offer?, especially with the MarketPlace support about knowing that we are doing business with reliable companies in the industry... An excellent experience, I thank to all the MarketPlace team, great hosts!. MarketPLace staff made my staying pleasant and productive. Congratulations on your tenth anniversary!"

Emmanuel Jaquez / Administrative Manager / Sup. Renma, S.R.L. / R. Dominicana

"The organization of the event could not have been better, every single detail of the activity was designed to be useful, not only in meetings but also for social activities. These were very helpful to strengthen relationships among all companies. Thanks to the organizing team for doing a great job and for making us feel part of the family. We will give our support for future activities and wish you success in all your projects."