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MarketPlace 10th edition

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What has been exposed obviously has philosophical bias, but for now, we don’t go in depth. What it’s important to mention, are the consequences that all of this has on the human beings and their relationships, particularly when they interact in a commercial way. Experts admit that emotions play a fundamental role all the time. Information is vital, but it’s equally important to identify with a face, smell, color, taste or other fact, to a brand or company. Highlighting these factors a whole marketing trend called "experience marketing" arises precisely in a world where the increasing automation reveal the need to humanize relationships to achieve a truthful communication, that can also contribute to build long- lasting relationships. And this last sentence represents the Marketplace Americas’ reason for living; an experience that use the latest tools to give productive time (business meeting time) without forgetting that we are human beings, with common goals and business, who can and want to enjoy the shared environment.

Achieving results that benefit each company, therefore, is not untied with the fact of building a pleasant experience, noticeable in every detail performed during the event. Building a warm relationship environment allow the people involved, to communicate well and work even better. Doing this job is not easy, and more than avoiding the latest technique, we use it intensively with a clear objective: “achieve business purposes”.

In other occasions we have discussed the details of the event’s operation and we will not expand on them now, only we reaffirm that everything is planned and organized well so that every minute is productive and every detail contribute to create the best human environment, discounting that there will always be an unexpected event that will allow the organizing team to demonstrate their ability, qualification and experience.

What we previously presented may be attractive as theorizing of a format that has been tested in more than one business school at our region. What is really interesting is, however, to listen how the protagonists relate to the event, as we said at the beginning, they come from all around the world, with very different cultures but with the same willingness to do business on a very comfortable, friendly, and always remembered space.

In the last 10 years we have helped to generate business for several hundred million dollars, boosting the stationery sector on a task that never stops and always, just as a careful tissue, is increasing every day strengthening the activity of all. Hundreds of participants (about 1,000) who have participated in more than 10,000 scheduled appointments, can confirm what we express, helping us best so that the business world today needs: talking well and also recommending it. Thanks to this, we project the next decade. It will be a time full of challenges, as always, that will bring many opportunities to share. Our meeting will seek to remain the space where business relationships will still originate.

Here are some of the testimonies, although the space does not allow us to include them in its entire form, of those who were with us in this latest edition, commemorating a decade in which we were all main characters.