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MarketPlace 10th edition

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After 10 years, almost every company whose core business are the stationery products in Latin America, together with the largest manufacturers from all over the world, have passed through the Marketplace booths. Although they are different participants << come from many different cultural backgrounds>> all of them agree that a face-to-face experience, carefully organized, is irreplaceable, particularly in a world that seems ultra-communicated, but that has paradoxically a basic communication problem. The mentioned above is directly related to a widespread confusion, that has made us think that while interconnection’ devices are communicated each other (a phenomenon labeled as "Internet of things") people are also deeply communicated….. But human beings and electronics do not communicate in the same way.

It is true that, thanks to fiber optics and the effective wireless links, a message can be transmitted and received in a few seconds anywhere in the world. It is also true that humans, <>, can benefit from these transmissions that are diffused at nearly the speed of light. We must not, however, forget one small detail: we are living things, gregarious, with emotions, that care about a small fact in different ways depending on our circumstance, which is deeply linked by the humor and the mood of everyone involved in a relationship, whether commercial or some other. On the other hand, thanks to shared protocols, electronic things receive and send messages with no mood, no euphoria, and no emotions; there are only bits that are switched on or off. However making the human communication and electronic communication similar, not only is a big mistake, It’s a problem that can affect our very understanding of reality and human relationships.